Friday Night

I felt like I had missed something after completing "Wednesday Night," so I revisited theme of parties in this piece, "Friday Night."

This time, I chose to convey the atmosphere of a party by means of a double image: where one can unfocus their eye and look at the colorful lights spread across the page, or focus their eye and read whats written on the page.

I made three posters with “Why are you here?” “Why are you having fun?” and “Why?” printed along the top of them and plenty of empty space below for handwritten responses. I hung the posters on my wall, put a handful of markers next to them, and threw a party to collect my data.

The questions were chosen to provoke a sincere response, and in turn gather real data about the 20-year-olds attending this party. Some responses included “Parties are social, parties are political,” “F*** this,” “Why not?” “None of your business!” and “I don’t know.”

After the data was collected, I took photos of the posters in disco light. I put these photographs into a fold-out that expands in size with each new question, and leads to a large poster-within-a-poster that reads "Why?"