Watch as Eric evades Yael's sinister plan to make him feel alone! Who's bound to win? Who's bound to lose? Only time, my friend, will tell....

No. 1

Make an anagram with each of your names

No. 2

Find silence

No. 3

Follow something yellow

No. 4

Photograph a watch at 1:23, 4:44, 11:11 or 4:20

No. 5

Use five words to describe a place

No. 6

Record a local newspaper headline

No. 7

Visit a monument

No. 8

Find a crowd

No. 9

Collect five objects

No. 10

Find a bright place

No. 11

Reach a rooftop

No. 12

Follow a couple

No. 13

Make shadow drawings

No. 14

Pat an animal

No. 15

Find a tree and lean against it

No. 16

Find a pattern

No. 17

Write a sentence in another language

No. 18

Cross the road

No. 19

Take 30 steps looking up. Make sure to have a guide

No. 20

Perform a short scene

No. 21

Find construction

No. 22

Take a group photo

No. 23

Make a sign

No. 24

Exchange clothes

No. 25

Take a group photo with a stranger

No. 26

Find a bench and sit for two minutes

No. 27

Draw a map that will never exist online

No. 28

Read aloud

No. 29

Make a trace

No. 30

Write a poem

No. 31

Use public transport

No. 32

Give the poem to someone riding the T

No. 33

Document someone riding a bike

No. 34

Ask someone what is their favorite building

No. 35

Identify a unique sound and record it

No. 36

Find shade

No. 37

Make a rubbing

No. 38

Follow a hat until it stops moving or turns a corner

No. 39

Ask someone for directions

No. 40

Turn around

Eric comes out on top, baby!

On his way back home, Eric pondered his victory to the Uber music. "Victory... is sweet," he thought. The driver asked, "Hey, how you doin?" Oh, if only Glenda knew. Then, in conclusion, and in revelry, he replied, "I'm doing... great...."